Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All American Family Reuinon 2013

Sally won the Reunion Quilt!!!
Patriotic Quilts 
Jelly Roll Race and Patriotic Pinwheels
Patriotic Pinwheels
Anyone who brought a quilt to show was in the drawing.

Make and Take
Pin Cushion for everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jelly Roll Race June 2012

Some of the ladies in the Family got together for a
Jelly Roll Race
(under the direction of Aunt Sally)
Hosted by Jacque
 Thank you Jacque for allowing us to come to your home.

You start with a Jelly Roll

Or cut 40-2 1/2 inch strips 

Sew them end to end
(Some used a 2 1/2 in square to connect)

You now have a pile of strips 

Put both ends, right sides together and get them untangled and you are ready for the Race.

Sally gives us a few instructions and ready set go! 

Six of us are sewing but many come to cheer us on.
Jamie , Joy and Glenna starting to sew.

Lynne looks on as Sally Starts

Jacque and Peg on the kitchen table.

Oh look, Annie helping Peg get her strips untangled.
(I didn't know we could have helpers)

Betsey helping Joy 

Jackie helping Jamie, mostly  cheering her on.

Serious Sewing

Jacque is in the Zone.

Fun sewing and visiting




Betsey still helping

We have a winner!

Looks Fabulous.
In order of finisheing
in Red Whit and Blue

Halloween fabric

Great Red White and Blue

Sally behind these Thirties Print fabrics
She is hiding because she is next to the last.

Last and not feeling good about it
It was so fun first or last.
(Note to self, those cute little Featherweight sewing machines are slow but steady)

Now time for 
"Show and Tell"
(bring anything you have made the last few months)

Sydney shows off her disappearing 9-patch
in Christmas colors 

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt with great boarders

Lynne show off Chandler's Jelly Roll  Strip Quilt.

Sydney shows her finished 9-patch she was working on the last time we met.

Jamie is busy sewing but Jackie shows the quilt they made for Tyler when he returned from his  California  mission.    So Great!

Kim is helping show off Glenn's Christmas Quilt.

Glenna also finished this "Attitude" Quilt.

Sally show he Flag Quilt.
 She made one for Erik and Emily also.

Wow look at the detailed blocks.
Block of the Month ready to finish.

Sally shows he "Basket Quilt" in 30's prints.

Peg show her "Belgium Waffle"  Quilt
Love the colors

Now for the prizes........

Jacque wins the first one finished and get her own Cuddle bag and goodies
thanks you Jacque for your Home.

Hayley wins the Drawing  for her own Cuddle bag and Goodies.

Jamie wins  Goodies
Fun Fun night let's get together again soon.